How Tsen International Electronic Metal (HTIEM) was established in 1978 as the first manufacturer and supplier in electrical copper and brass components in Taiwan. We are continuously striving toward providing quality products and services and advanced technology to our customers. Our business philosophy is embedded in our management team who have builds a strong reputation amongst our customers.

Since 1980s, HTIEM has been actively involved in the development of RF antennas. From 2003, management began to diversify its business into optical industry and invested in the research and development of Lead Free solder balls (Lead Free), We aim to provide our customers with a wide range of quality products and services.


Our business philosophy in words:






We always uphold this management philosophy and extend these values to our suppliers and customers to create a mutually beneficial business environment. In the future, we will continuously strive to maintain our solid business practices and embrace innovative technology to attract the best talent to our team. As a group, we believe that we are capable of handling future challenges and will contribute our best to the global Electro-Optical industry.